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Canine Cooler by Soothsoft Review

Canine Cooler Product Review

Help your dog beat the heat with the versatile and therapeutic Canine Cooler dog bed.


Dogs are susceptible to the dangers of heat throughout much of the year but particularly during summer months. Since they cool themselves through panting, the higher the air temperature, the more critical it becomes in helping them maintain a normal body temperature.

The Canine Cooler dog bed is designed not only to help your dog stay cool, but is one of the beds recommended for post-surgery recovery, and offers therapeutic benefits for aged, injured dogs. provided a medium size Canine Cooler for my review. I tested the Canine Cooler both at home and on training sessions by placing it in their crate, since in the summer, even evening training sessions can be hot.

Canine Cooler Bed01

Figure 1 Mia checks out the smells of the new bed

Canine Cooler Features:

The Canine Cooler is manufactured in the United States by Soothsoft Technology, manufactured in an ISO 9001 medical facility (ISO 9001 is the Quality Management System standard for the International Organization for Standardization); this provides a high level of assurance that they are a high quality product. The bed is made of 20mil polyurethane composite and the fiber core contains anti-mildew and anti-mold components. The bed itself is nearly puncture-proof.

Unique, unparalleled fluid support. The Canine Cooler essentially combines the support of a memory foam mattress with the softness of a waterbed. The liquid filled core provides support and conforms to the dog’s body, reducing pressure points and giving the bed it’s therapeutic value.

Maintenance free bed, easily wiped clean. It is as maintenance free as a bed can get. Maintenance is nothing more than placing the bed on a flat hard surface and adding water from time to time if necessary; once filled with water, the bed is not to be drained. The bed can be used the entire year or stored if you live in colder climates. Cleaning is as simple as wiping it off with a damp cloth.

The only bed that can actually treat and comfort injuries. Arthritis has essentially ended the hunting careers of our two senior Labs, so I was particularly interested in the therapeutic benefits of the Canine Cooler. According to Soothsoft,

“Canine Cooler’s® cool conforming cushion is the perfect treatment for pain, swelling, discomfort and stress. This amazing Petbed can help with the following: Heat Stroke; Hip Dysplasia; Cushing’s Disease; Hygromas; Allergies; Calluses; Post Surgery; Senior Canines; Post Chemotherapy; Skin Conditions; and Elbow Dysplasia.”

Low profile design for easy on and off. The bed is deceptively thin, measuring only about an inch thick. Dogs of any size can step onto the bed without having to step up which can stress joints of injured or older dogs. Although thin, the Canine Cooler provides better comfort than standard, much thicker, beds and pillows.

Two Year Warranty - the best in the bed business. I’ve seen differences in the warranties offered by retailers, some offer 1-year manufacturer warranties however Soothsoft offers a 2-year warranty on Canine Cooler pet beds.

Proudly Made In America! Canine Cooler products manufactured for Soothsoft are both manufactured and assembled in the United States by Mount Olive Manufacturing, located in Moorsville Indiana.

Non-toxic and gel free bed is completely safe for pets. The Canine Cooler core is made of a non-toxic foam, and the bladder is a nearly puncture-proof polyurethane blend, designed to withstand a dog’s teeth and nails.

Absorbs dog’s body heat. The Canine Cooler absorbs the dog’s heat and radiates it back into the environment.

What Results Can You Expect?

Canine Cooler Photo2

Figure 2 Sophie enjoys the cooling and therapeutic benefits

Sophie, our 12-year-old Lab, seems to use the Canine Cooler more than the other dogs indicating that the bed is not only keeping her cool but providing relief for her arthritis. None of the dogs spend long periods of time on the bed, but will lay on it for about 10-15 minutes at a time to cool down.

I placed the bed on a tarp to protect it from direct contact with the cement patio and located it in a shaded area. Within a day, the dogs were using it on a regular basis. On some of our hotter days when the temperature approached 90 degrees Fahrenheit or above, I placed a thermometer under the bed and found that the bed retained a temperature approximately 10-15 degrees lower than the air temperature.

Helping your dog maintain a normal body core temperature provides benefits beyond the obvious hyperthermia and heat stroke. Bloat, which can lead to gastric torsion, is a condition particularly in deep-chested dogs such as our Labs and Spinone with a mortality rate of approximately 50 percent. WebMD cites seven ways of avoiding bloat, one of which is: "Never let your dog drink a large amount of water all at once." A dog that is overheated will likely drink large amounts of water to both re-hydrate and cool down, easily leading to bloat.

Performance is another consideration in keeping your dog cool. Dogs that are overheated and panting lose about 40% of their scenting capability, since they are breathing through their mouth to cool rather than through their nose for scenting. In addition, dogs have less energy when they’re hot than when cool and refreshed.

Testimonials and Customer Reviews

My testimonial is based primarily on observing how our dogs use the Canine Cooler. From what I’ve observed, they use it on a regular basis and it appears to be effective in keeping them cool. Since we don’t necessarily trust our pup, we leave the bed in a corner of the dining room on cooler days and take it outside for them to use on hot days. There are those who may not want to carry the bed back and forth as I do, but I find it to be no problem.

Canine Cooler Photo3

Figure 3 Elvis finds the bed wherever we place it

Training certainly slacks off during the hot summer months, regardless of whether it’s conducted in morning or evening hours. To help keep the dogs cool before and after training, I place the Canine Cooler in their travel crate which I’ve found to be effective. Common sense needs to be applied: we keep they hydrated and don’t push them too hard or long during training, and they cannot be left in a hot car or truck even with the Canine Cooler.

Although we keep our house cool, there are those people who need to maintain a warm if not hot indoor temperature. This can make dogs uncomfortable if not downright miserable. For those who need to maintain a warm indoor temperature, the Canine Cooler placed in a cool area of the house can help the dog negotiate the heat. Although we do not kennel our dogs, it can also be placed in a shaded area of kennels for those who do.

What to Watch Out For

The Canine Cooler comes with a list of precautions but generally speaking, it boils down to common sense maintenance and use.

As for filling the bed, I always seem to have an issue with pouring cups and the bed is no exception, even when using a funnel as suggested. What worked for me was filling the bed with a jug and funnel, estimating the 2 ¼ gallons of water necessary to fill it. Carrying the bed so as not to stress the seams takes a little care and there are instructions for that. Depending on the amount of water used, the bed can weigh up to 15 pounds which may be a consideration for some however I have no trouble transporting it inside, outside, or to and from their travel crates. Care should be given to ensure that sharp objects on travel crates such as wires and clips, do not puncture the bed.

Dragging, sliding or freezing the bed can damage it and void the warranty, and although it is nearly puncture-proof, the bed could be damaged if your dog has a tendency to chew or tear. However if the bed is damaged, it can be repaired using a waterbed repair kit. The bed needs to be placed on a hard surface rather than a soft or cushioned surface to prevent damage and excessive wear, and since the water is not drained, stored in the same manner.

Buying Advice

In my last product review I discussed, from a developer’s point of view, what I felt was HuntinDawg’s clean and efficient web site; one feature that I particularly appreciate is the “compare” feature in which multiple products can be selected and compared side-by-side. I’ve experienced a high level of customer service and high quality in the products offered. offers the Canine Cooler at a competitive price and given the other considerations I’ve stated, could very well be the deciding factor in purchasing the bed.

About the Author:

Robert Murphy - Blackfoot, Idaho

Dogs are my passion and have been a constant hunting partner since that night long ago when a 10-year old kid adopted a Black Lab puppy. I’ve hunted and fished my entire life, have always held a great respect for nature, and few things bring me more enjoyment than sharing a hunt with a dog that I’ve trained. They are my partners in both training and hunting, which I approach both with the philosophy that they teach me as much as I teach them. For my little pack of hunters, some hold hunt titles while others are certified therapy dogs.

Robert blogs at

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