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GPS Tracking Collars

GPS tracking collars and accessories

The advent of the Global Positioning system was a boom to dog trainers and hunters.  With the ability to track in nearly real time not only the general direction, but also the distance, speed and whether the dog is sitting, pointing, treeing or running these tools have earned their reputation amongst the toughest critics.

Garmin was the first to introduce the gps dog tracking system, a relatively easy carryover from their avionic and marine GPS systems.  They are still the leading force in the GPS tracking and track & train world, but certainly no longer the only game in town.

Dogtra is a company that produces one line of products, those specifically for the dog world.  That gives them a distinct point of differentiation over other companies that produce a wide range of products, a dog line being only a small fraction of their overall business - companies like Garmin.  Though not first on the scene, they have produced a GPS track and train system that utilizes the best of current technologies, GPS and MURS systems, and reduced costs by utilizing a product the vast majority of end users already have - their SmartPhone.

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