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Quick Overview

A Must have for any dog first aid kit, EMT gel provides quick effective wound control.

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The key ingredient of Nutritive collagen protein has numerous benefits.  Cuts heal faster, excellent product for treatment of injured foot pads, surgical and general wound care and abrasions.  The clotting effects reduces bleeding.  By minimizing exposure to air it reduces pain and itching and the hardened shell forms a cover that minimizes scarring, protects the wound from debris as a barrier, reduces infection and encourages natural clotting. 

EMT® Gel:

  • Slows bleeding
  • Decreases itching and pain sensation
  • Compatible with any size dog
  • It is Non-toxic and does not increase sensitivity
  • Encourages quick healing
  • Offers superior wound protection.
  • Is extremely easy to use, no special training necessary
  • Fits any wound
  • Absorbs naturally
  • Adheres to most surfaces.

What are Common uses for EMT® Gel 

  • Field injuries such as cuts from wire, metal or general sharp debris
  • Normal scrapes and nicks
  • Clipper burn
  • Slipped or cut pads
  • Surgery sites

Reduces Itching and Pain Sensation
By sealing off nerve ending that transmit the sensation of itching or pain, EMT Gel protects the wound and offers greater comfort for your dog

Reduces Bleeding
By creating a hard shell, EMT Gel helps the wound stop bleeding and promotes natural blood clotting.

Cuts the Risk of Infection
By absorbing bacteria and in essence creating a hard crust exterior, debris infiltration is greatly reduced, also reducing infection risk.

Encourages Quicker Healing
By improving drastically the healing environment, EMT Gel encourages faster heal times.  Through interactions with the wound site and the dog's natural healing ability, the collagen speeds formation of new tissue.  Other Wound treatments  can be caustic, such as iodine and peroxide and destroy the dog's own natural defenses.  These can slow healing.

Directions - Dosage

How To Use

  • It's important with any wound to throroughly clean the area of the wound and surrounding tissue, removing any debris that may cause infection.  Clean water or saline rinses are the best. .
    Next simply Apply directly into the wound and onto the surrounding area, and keep clean while product forms and hardens.  Depending on the wound you may need to cover with a Non-stick bandage - on superficial wounds, nicks, scrapes etc air drying is recommended.
  • It is good to check the wound and Reapply EMT Gel and redress (if needed) once or twice per day.


Type I Hydrolyzed Collagen
Puified Water, U.S.P


As with most products, pleas Keep out of reach of children.  The product is not a substitute for Veterinary care if needed.  Monitor the wound and If condition worsens, or does not improve within 10-14 days, see your veterinarian.

Extreme temperatures can effect the viscosity of EMT gel so it is best to store at room temperature.  High temperatures will not affect product performance.  Protect from freezing.

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