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Mendota Super Check Cord 30 foot

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Quick Overview

Hi Viz Yellow 7/16 in x 30 feet

  • UV Coated to protect against decay and fading

  • Professionals choice for training to come on command

  • Floats, for water training

  • Hard Finish applied to slide through tall grass easily

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Super Cord product review by Robert Murphy

Whether you’re starting a youngster or fine tuning a finished dog, a good check cord is one of your most important pieces of training equipment, and the Super Check Cord  may be exactly what you need.


For those who follow my blog, you know that I’ve used a nylon rope as a check cord, and in retrospect, I could have saved myself a lot of headaches had I spent a few dollars on a good check cord. So I was more than happy when provided me a Super Cord from Mendota Products to review.

Super Cord Features:

• Machine washable. The Super Cord is machine washable, but of course it’s advisable to first remove the large metal clasp. Remove the clasp, wash it at low temperature, and you’ll always have a clean cord to work with.

mendota-super-check-cord-image-001-huntindawg• Strong. The Super Cord is a polypropylene rope containing a core of the same material, making it very strong. The ends are melted and welded to prevent fraying, and if frays or “fuzzies” develop from use, passing a lighter or match over them will quickly weld them back onto the cord.

mendota-super-check-cord-image-002-huntindawg• Floats. The Super Cord is excellent for retriever training and I used it on both land and water. The cord floats and keeps its shape when the dogs make their turn, keeping them from becoming tangled.

• No Stretch. One of the many problems with nylon rope was that it stretched, which occasionally caused my corrections to be mis-timed. Granted, I only make gentle corrections but if they are not precise or are mis-timed, can confuse the dog lead and lead to sloppy technique.

Mendota Super Check Cord• Does not tangle or pick up burrs. The hard finish helps repel burrs in field work, and helps shed moss and aquatic plants during water retrieves. The inner core and hard finish provides a stiffness that prevents the cord from tangling, yet is flexible enough to allow the dog freedom of movement. The dogs can drag the cord behind them without becoming tangled in brush while field training; even so, I only use the check cord in open water for retrieving drills where there is no chance of it becoming caught.

• Perfect for training to quarter, whoa, come to command, retrieve to hand and excellent control at a distance. The Super Cord comes in 30 and 50 foot lengths which are optimal for field work. Corrections are just as effective at 30 feet as they are at 10, as is the control. The 30 and 50 foot lengths allow the trainer to give dogs more lead as they progress through the drills.Mendota Super Check Cord

What Results Can You Expect?

I found the Super Cord to be everything that one would expect from a check cord, and for me, it’s the perfect check cord. Prior to actually training with the Super Cord, I allowed my dogs to swim and do basic field work while dragging it behind them in order to become accustomed to the feel of it.

At the time of this review, my dogs are working on their Senior and Utility titles, so they’re essentially finished dogs. In the short time that I’ve used the Super Cord, I’ve already seen where it has helped steady their techniques.

The Super Cord is durable, does not tangle or pick up burrs, works great on both land and water, and is very effective in correcting and influencing. It is responsive for both gentle and firm (never harsh) corrections, and the thickness of the rope makes it easy to handle. 

What to Watch Out For

I have used it in a variety of field and water drills and to be honest, I can’t think of much to watch out for. As with any product, the Super Cord can be misused and abused, but a conscientious trainer will not likely encounter any problems with the Super Cord.

Buying Advice

You really have the best of both worlds when purchasing products from avid hunters, manufactured by avid hunters, and I recommend the Mendota Super Check Cord for both water and field training. The Super Cord is handcrafted in the USA with American materials and labor, and with based in the heart of America’s Pheasant country, the staff is highly knowledgeable and quick to answer your dog, training, and hunting questions.

About the Author:

Robert Murphy - Blackfoot, Idaho

Dogs are my passion and have been a constant hunting partner since that summer night long ago when a 10-year old kid adopted a Black Lab puppy. I’ve hunted and fished my entire life, have always held a great respect for nature, and few things bring me more enjoyment than sharing a hunt with a dog that I’ve trained. They are my partners in both training and hunting, giving me as much joy as I hopefully give them in this shared passion of ours. For my little pack of hunters, some hold hunt titles while others are certified therapy dogs

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