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The New Puppy Starter Kit

Regular Price: $76.99

Special Price $68.99

Quick Overview

Baby Puppy Starter Kit Contents

What is better than bringing home a new Puppy?  Saving time and money preparing for the new arrival!  Bundled items selected specifically for the Puppy homecoming!

  • Nyalabone Puppy chew

  • 5" Plush bone with squeaker, Puppy perfection

  • 2 each - Small Waterwoof waterproof pad

  • Personalized Puppy collar

  • baby bio checkcord

  • Clicker

  • Small Tall Tails Sherpa dog bed



Availability: In stock

Regular Price: $76.99

Special Price $68.99


How to Prepare for Bringing a Puppy Home

It's nearing that time!  You have waited anxiously while your new Puppy grew up in the home of a wonderful breeder, or the puppy you saw and wanted to adopt from the Shelter or Rescue has been approved to come to you.  The anticipation and excitement are palpable, and so is the concern that you might not be as prepared as you want to be.  What should you be thinking of and doing to prepare for the new Puppy's Arrival?  Relax, Breathe and read on...

Puppy Proof the House

Just like kids, Puppies are very adept at getting into the wrong places and some of those can be very unsafe for sharp little teeth.  Also, you don't really want that imported Persian rug to become the Piddle place.  Managing the household so that Puppy has a safe, yet interactive life with the family is important.  In Puppy proofing, you want to especially watch out for electrical wiring that Pup can chew, as well as dangly things off of coffee tables that might have a nice Vase or lamp on top.  Pup pulls and crash.  Pup's scared, Dad's angry and there's a mess to clean up.  A good suggestion is to crawl around on your hands and knees in the area Pup will have access and look to see what they can get into.

The three P's, Prepare for Piddles and Poos.

We all know it's going to happen.  Sure Pup is an angel and almost always makes it out, but accidents happen.  

Of course housebreaking is an ongoing effort for the first several weeks/months.  You have Pup crated and a nice comfy bed inside, but it's a pain to wash.  

Waterproof dog bed cover


 A great solution to prepare for that is a Waterwoof, waterproof cover.  Super easy to wash, packs for travel and is also great for when Pup is let's say a little less than clean but you still want to snuggle on the couch.  

Puppy Chews

Yep.  Puppy Chews on everything.  Puppy chews on feet, furniture, blankets and pads.  Like a baby, if they can get it in their mouth, they want to try it out.  This is a learning time for them, and we want to help them learn what's good to chew on and what's not.  By offering safe, Puppy specific Chews that they like, they learn to chew on the yummy Puppy bone vs. the yummy Jimmy Choo's.  In this bundle, we include both a Plush chew and a nylabone Puppy chew.  Of course all will wear out in time and this will get you started.  You can always add a few to the order, check out our chew selection here.

Before you bring your Puppy home

There are a number of great resources on the web regarding how to prepare for bringing Pup home.  When we get inquiries, there are a few links we think are very good such as this one at dogtime that discusses family interaction and what to expect.  Also a great resource that we agree with 90% of what he recommends is a free download -  Dr. Ian Dunbar's Before you get your Puppy (pdf)

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